ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment ServicesDiscover the power of managed connections to drop ship suppliers and grow your business like never before

ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services Overview

Struggling to maintain connections with distributors? For drop shipping to work, your technology has to be stable.
Reliable enough to keep you consistently connected to suppliers; Advanced enough to keep pace with the latest
updates and enhancements. That’s what ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services is for. Our managed connection is 100%
dedicated to streamlining communication between sellers and suppliers, so you’ll always be ahead.

Prefer the PDF version? Download the Fulfillment Services Capability Overview here.

E-Commerce Competition is Fierce

More so than ever before. In an online buying world where consumers are accustomed to fast fulfillment and same-day
deliveries, landing a sale is just half the battle. What happens next with your distribution network makes all the difference.
Will that order result in returns, repeat purchases or negative reviews?

It all comes down to the delivery experience. You’ve chosen the right distribution partners, but is your technology optimized
for speed and precision?

Managing connectivity to distribution partners isn’t something to be taken lightly. Having a reliable way to keep inventory
updated and get orders to suppliers quickly is critical.

But that connectivity can also be incredibly cumbersome to maintain — not to mention dangerously prone to error. Miss
just one tech update from your supplier, and you could watch a week’s worth of orders getting marked as out of stock
and costing you thousands of dollars. All because you’re missing one measly line of code.


With consumer expectations for speedy deliveries at an all-time high — consumers won’t wait more than four days, at most, for a package to arrive you need to fulfill every order fast … drop shipping included.

No more down time. No more manual errors. No more bulk uploads and downloads, or wasting time on the complications of building APIs and maintaining cumbersome EDI integrations.

You need a more dependable method for communicating with suppliers. A managed connection that’s continually updated — not just to reflect what your drop shippers are doing with their own technology, but to ensure you’ll always be ready to meet the delivery demands of your consumers.

How It Works

Your connectivity will always be up-to-date with ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services, no matter how many times a supplier’s technology changes. Our managed connection is 100% dedicated to keeping you in sync with drop shippers and distributors, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of the competition.

By streamlining communication and data flow between you and your distributor, you can:

  • Use automated order routing to speed up processing time and reduce errors
  • Route orders to the most cost-efficient supplier based on location, shipping fees, product costs and more
  • Automatically map hundreds of thousands of products across multiple suppliers
  • Update inventory levels automatically across your entire supply line with a consolidated count from all of your drop ship suppliers
  • Automatically generate and send purchase orders in agreed-upon formats

In Summary

With consistent connections to distributors, ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services opens the floodgates to an array of fulfillment advantages — ones that make drop shipping truly profitable. You can route orders, sync inventory, speed up shipping times and more. All automatically. And all while optimizing costs across channels. It means more scalable growth for you and better experiences for your customers.