Tell Purchase-Ready Consumers Where to Buy In-StoreWith ChannelAdvisor Buy Local

ChannelAdvisor Buy Local

Today’s savvy shoppers are on the go and looking for options. Your website is often just one stop among many on their paths to purchase. In fact, a whopping 82% of smartphone users are consulting their phones — to gather ideas, research products and search for local information — before ultimately making in-store purchases. When someone wants to find a nearby store where they can see, sample, try on or buy your product, shouldn’t your website help them get there as quickly as possible?

ChannelAdvisor Buy Local makes it easy to do just that. It gives your customers convenient, nearby purchasing options right down to the store and inventory level.

How Buy Local works:

  • The store locator displays nearby physical store locations — including maps and addresses — of your preferred retail partners.
  • When the product locator is enabled, visitors will also see in-store product selection within your buyer’s geographic area.
  • You get detailed analytic insights into customers’ journeys.

It’s the fastest, most effective way to transform on-site browsing to in-store buying with your preferred retail partners.