Retailer Network Support for First Party (1P) Sellers

Send Your Products. Then Leave the Rest to Us.

Selling first party (1P) may sound simple. With the retailer serving as full-time distributor of your products, what more is there to manage? As any experienced 1P seller knows, the answer is “a lot.” You still have a brand reputation to monitor, listings to optimize and advertising opportunities to explore. And that’s just for starters. With ChannelAdvisor in your corner, managing relationships with retailers becomes exponentially easier. We’ll provide you with a proven platform and strategic expertise to set you up for success.

Product Content Optimization

ChannelAdvisor’s Product Content Optimization tool allows you to stay ahead of rapidly changing content requirements across a wide array of e-commerce channels. We’ll help you reach more destinations, faster — while ensuring your product feed fields are always destination-compliant.

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Amazon Advertising

If you want your products to stand out on Amazon, promotions are critical. Our specialists know exactly what it takes to drive more sales through better Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Coupons. And because our integration digs deep into the inner workings of Amazon’s API, you’ll benefit from functions and features that extend far beyond what you’d get with Amazon alone.

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Managed Services

Let our e-commerce experts develop a strategy and manage your account. Each year, hundreds of successful e-commerce companies rely on our Managed Services teams to provide strategic guidance, offer technical support, identify growth opportunities, fine-tune advertising campaigns and much more.

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