ChannelAdvisor Amazon Pricing Console

See and Act on Critical Pricing Data in One Streamlined Screen

At the core of every successful Amazon business is an effective pricing strategy. Having the right product price, at the right time, isn’t just a lofty ideal. These days, it’s the only way to win sales. But to consistently beat out competitors on price and secure the Amazon buy box, you need real-time intel — and you need to act on it fast. That’s why we created the Amazon Pricing Console: So you can get all the ASIN-level data you need, plus Amazon repricing tools and calculators, in one streamlined location.

How It Works

The ChannelAdvisor Amazon Pricing Console provides everything you need to remain competitive on price, all on one single screen. You’ll get all the latest intel on your competitors, pricing and profitability — and can act immediately on those insights to win the buy box. Shave away precious minutes you’re now spending on multiple browser tabs and different dashboards to beat your competition on price. Every time. All the time.

Use the Amazon Pricing Console to:

  • See the latest data on your competitors
  • Get the latest data on your ASINs
  • Calculate impacts on profitability — before changing your prices
  • Adjust minimums and maximums
  • Change repricer rules

Quickly review pricing trends, buy box performance, profitability calculations and more. Then act swiftly and strategically to increase your chances of winning the buy box and maximizing your margins.