Success on Amazon requires a holistic approach that enables you to connect the dots with ease for everything — from listing, to pricing strategy, to advertising, to reporting and competition monitoring. ChannelAdvisor provides everything a brand or retailer needs to connect with more consumers and increase sales on Amazon and 140+ additional marketplaces around the world.


  • Scale your Amazon business by managing your selling, advertising and fulfillment operations in a centralized platform without building new integrations
  • Save time and reduce the workload of your internal teams by automating time-consuming tasks related to selling and advertising on Amazon
  • Gain insights with robust reporting capabilities and dashboard analytics that help you identify with ease the areas of opportunity and improvement
  • Ensure compliance by automatically transforming and optimizing your product data to meet the unique content requirements of Amazon
  • Avoid overselling by synchronize inventory quantity across all your sales channels
  • Outmaneuver competitors on Amazon by optimizing pricing for your entire product catalog using advanced repricing strategies and competitive intelligence
  • Increase product visibility and effectively manage your ad spend by leveraging the automation and reporting capabilities of our platform for Amazon Advertising

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Key Features

Your comprehensive approach to Amazon with ChannelAdvisor


  • Aggregate product data from multiple sources and transform it in a centralized platform for Amazon and hundreds of other channels
  • Ensure compliance with synchronization of inventory across channels and consolidated order management
  • Proprietary repricing technology to help win the Buy Box and achieve profitability goals
  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape with analytics on buy box attainment and pricing
  • Facilitate decision making with a centralized hub for cross-channel selling


  • Improve performance and drive ad spend efficiency with campaign optimization tools and actionable reporting
  • Increase capacity and save time with robust automation capabilities for bid and ad management, keyword harvesting and campaign scheduling


  • Automate fulfilment with shipping rules to meet complex fulfillment needs
  • Gain insights into overall performance, stock velocity, and much more to streamline fulfillment
  • Manage Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), European Fulfillment Network (EFN) and Pan-European FBA programs with ease